THE Leash & Harness

    For Cats & Dogs On the GO!

TSA Fast Pass® - guaranteed to make pet airline travel faster, safer and hassle free.

TSA Fast Pass® - the first Leash & Harness Set developed for pets traveling in cabin on airplanes. It features a step in design making it the easiest harness to put on and take off your cat or dog. It is metal free making TSA Airport security inspections quick, easy and hassle free. Just remove your pet from the carrier, send the carrier through the X-ray machine while you carry your cat or lead your dog in his harness & leash through the metal detectors. It is guaranteed NOT set off any alarms. No more invasive pat downs, hand wands or private screening rooms trying to determine what exactly triggered the alarms. Helps keep your pet calm and in your control during this stressful process.