Meet Our Models

Burmese Cat in harnessLITTLE PHEBE

Little Phebe is a 4 year old Burmese kitty who loves to travel. She also enjoys riding in the car with me to work each day. Her favorite activities includes taking naps on her heated bed and taking walks in her backyard on her leash and harness. Her favorite food is Fancy Feast Appetizers. Her bests friends are Susie our Min Pin and Miss Pearly her baby sister and our co-model.


Tonkinese in harness leash MISS PEARLY

Miss Pearly is a 1 year old Tonkinese kitten who is full of energy and a bit of a brat. She loves to stock and chase her older sister Phebe. Her favorite activities include playing with her feather wand and bird watching. Her favorite food is Disney’s The Aristocats. She also loves to sit in her screened window seat and dream about stocking real birds and bugs. Like her sister she is leash & harness trained and enjoys her walks outside in her backyard.



Dog in HarnessMR. NANDI

Mr. Nandi is a rescue puppy who recently found his forever home.  He is a three-year-old Maltese/Yorkshire Terrier who likes exploring different neighborhoods around Portland. His favorite foods include anything meat-based, pineapple and cheese. He loves going for walks, playing with plush squeaky toys and car rides but dislikes getting his feet wet. He knows a variety of tricks including dance, crawl, and high five. His best friend is an 80-pound Giant Schnauzer.

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